WHMCS WordPress Website Builder Addon Module

Automatically deploy custom wordpress website for whmcs customers

Proud to be the first of it's kind

The One Feature that most WHMCS admin need

It’s a headache to not being able to deploy custom wordpress website with stock whmcs system. Whmcs system is a stable hosting billing software but limited by one feature that most website designers, freelancers, marketing agency Need. That’s why alot of sleepless night, sweat & tears as well as sacrifices were made going into building this addon module.


Turn Your WHMCS System Into A WordPress Website Builder

Map product

Easily map your wordpress website template with whmcs product inside whmcs dashboard

Template duplication

Any plugins & theme as well settings of your custom template will be duplicate for your customers.

WHMCS automation

Customer will get their domain map to the stand alone cpanel dashboard with auto SSL map to wordpress template

Improve Performance

Cut down website deployment speed to 1-3 minutes depend on the size of template and server performance.

See how it works

Turn your website design business on autopilot

Automate Custom WordPress Website Deployment

Start Making passive income on a recurring basis